Java Applications

BloodyTry to make a painting with this java appletDay of birthTry this "mad button"Dorian Gray 4Dorian Gray 3Dorian Gray 2Dorian Gray 1The CubeColor boxesTry different Netscape Colors on your screenTry this funny mouse trail (only eplorer)FlashingA funny Lava lampSlåen Sø "alive" ;o)Flagapplication (Slåen sø)"small fireballs" in different colorsTry to swing the wheel of fortuneencycloTry these "ufo" bupplesThe S-Worm is coming! Applet displays a very cool worm-like effect. Hypnotic! Get snow on your screen ;-) (only explorer)Have a look at this "strange" animationLook at this funny chasing cat. Only "Explorer"Java ButtonsA funny pactext applicationCalculate the Molar weight with this tablefireworksChristmas candleCmpose a melodi with this appletBe amazed at what the Mandelbrot fractal looks like up close... really close. Try zooming in on areas that contain two or more colorsTry to make different kind of drawings with this appletStargazer (have a look at the dynamic view of the night sky)